Portion Key TeaSaw : the Portion warned us WATCH: IDF finding weapons hidden in UNRWA bags?

Portion Key TeaSaw : the Portion warned us WATCH: IDF finding weapons hidden in UNRWA bags?
Rabbi Carlebach from S Wax, and some news not everyone sees
“If we walk together little children
We don't ever have to worry
Through this world of trouble
We gotta love one another”
From Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach on Parsha Ki Sisa:
Exodus 32:32 (Moses to the Almighty: “Yet now, if You would but forgive their sin--; and if not, erase me now I pray Thee, out of Thy book which you have written
I want you to know something so special. 
Why did the angel come to tell Avraham that S’dom, will be destroyed
and at the same time he tells him you will have a son Yitzchak? 
Because this was the whole thing. G-d says “I cannot trust you with Jewish children unless you believe
that the Torah is stronger than the whole world.”
I can teach my children that the only way to be a Jew is to keep away from the world, 
because G-d forbid if you get involved with the world - you can't turn back.” 
Or I can teach my child that Gevalt, the Torah is so holy, the Torah can change the whole world,
 I have dynamite in my pockets.” 
After the Golden Calf, G-d says to Moshe, “I have to wipe out the Yidden because they are worshipping idols.”
 Moshe Rabbeinu says, “What kind of a Torah did you give me? Did you give me a Torah that can't change idol worshipers?” 
You mean to say that the Torah is only good for someone who does good his whole life? You make a mistake and you are out? It's not a Torah I'm interested in .... Please give me a Torah which can take a Yid who is worshipping idols and can still change.” 
I don't want to say anything bad - what's a little bit wrong with our Yidden? They ...  don't believe that one
 awesome Shabbos can change him. They don't believe that one Torah of the Heilige Ishebitzer can turn over his kishkes.
The Kuzimer says something out of this world. 
When Moshe Rabbeinu broke the tablets, what was he really saying? “Master of the World ..., do you want me to be the only ... - righteous person? I refuse. I want to be together with all the Yidden. If they do wrong, I want to be with them to hopefully show them what's right.
Imagine if all of us would learn this Torah, how much we would all love each other.
Good Shabbos! From Rabbi Carlebach
Yes, friends - in many generations the Jewish People have influenced the world for the better.
This week - In  Portion Key TeeSeeSaw however warned us: SO
 WATCH: the IDF finds weapons hidden in UNRWA bags!
See the below video on JustWhy we need to keep Israel free of some's pretty clear . 
Just watch this video. 
Maybe the radicals in the world paid for by crazies like the Soros family want to destroy any chance of 
a world free from crime rampages and destructions.
Rabbi Carlebach teaches hope! Which CAN WORK  but...
This week's Portion KEY teaSaw - shows that even after
building the "Mishkan (the temple we built in the desert" -)
The Torah goes BACK TO THE GOLDEN CALF STORY of Rampage and Wilding which is
maybe to remind us that those things happen - from the primitive part of  humanity ...
and that we must beware of those tendencies !
But then in the end of the portion there are a few rules we all can follow
To stabilize society - like the Shalosh Regalim (the strong three-legged Jewish HolyDay themes) 
the Mitzva of going 3 times  a year to celebrate our Holidays in Jerusalem !
Shabbat Shalom 
Raɓbi Andy Eichenholz