Portioñ Bamidbar - Capturing - the Desert?

Portioñ Bamidbar - Capturing - the Desert?
Tonight begins Jerusalem Day
Today 56 years ago was the Battle of Ammunition Hill against the Jordanians.
"Tomorrow 56 years ago" my Father in Law was one of the paratroopers who captured the Old City and the Temple Mount
(Where King Solomon built the First Temple nearly 3000 years ago)
On This Shabbat we read in the Portion
 how Moses was commanded by G-d to organize the 12 tribes into the First Jewish Army, in order to
Protect the Jewish people in the desert,
(And to conquer the land of Israel-
400 years before king Solomon.)
So hère we are - and half of Israel is STILL desert!  BUT WHY?
100 YEARS agò one Rabbi wrote :
"If someone is bòrn and bred to wealth,
They would not recognize that
It is the Hand of G-d that sustains them
The Israelites were in the desert 40 yeaŕs,
So they learned well how things dont always come easy, and that G-d takes care of us!"
Happy Jerusalem Day
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz