Portion Shelach - Send out the 12 Big Shots and - Uh Oh!

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What's the reason Moses had to send 12 spies to see where the Israelites were headed?
And why the whole "12 Tribes" history, anyway - it only caused trouble for 1000 years - from Joseph until the First Temple was destroyed !
Too big questions to answer , one might think? Not At All! Just Look At Today!
The whole 12 Tribe Saga is obviously for Teaching the World Today:
That the Israel Story is what the World Needs Today-
Like Israel accepted 163 Indian "Bnei Menashe ("Jewish Wannabees" ) yesterday 
(Read the Israeli news story),
Is expecting another couple of thousand Ethiopians soon
That the country has "ingathered the exiles" since 1948 (actually for 2000 years)-
Just  as written in the prophecies.
WHY? Because From the beginning of time we Israelites struggle to UNITE
While the rest of the world is lost in greedy battles and
Hatred -
 like yesterdays news of Arab girls cursing
And trying to drown 2 eleven year old  Jewsh girls -
 at the municipal pool in Lod!
They were saved when someone called the police.
Like Arab liars saying "King David was a Moslem"!
Like saying "There was no Holy Temple in Jerusalem!
And their hating followers want to believe them!
So Moses sent 12 different "leaders" as speis - OIY!
They could have agreed to say a few nice thing!
ButAnd those spies came vack
Lies - 
was it fear or jealousy or what hatred
And where did it get them?
40 years' punishment -wandering in the desert.
Reb Shlomo Carlebach said - the Almighty showed the 12 "leaders"
(did they have twitter followings?) 
the Land of the Semites - the forebears of Abraham -
and they had nothing good to say -
But I had coffee this morning just looking out on the beautiful Judean desert - and had to call a couple of friends to say
"I can almost see your house from here"!
Joy - is coffee in the morning,
with a roll from my daughter,
sharing a beautiful thought to a friend,
and reading about 2 Commandments in the Portion -
Chalah-Making for all our Wonderful Women
and Tzitzis shirts to remind us regular guys that we are ALL
connected to the Almighty!
So may the world remember!!!!
Shabbat Shalom and Health 
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz