Portion Devarim - Tisha B'Av - burning Jews in England - or California?

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You know black Africans s would Never burn Jews like the English 
and many others - did.
See below the "apology" (or half apology) of the Anglican Chuch
Tisha Bav was the date of the 
Spanish  inquisitiin ...which burned Jews even in south America.
But not in Italy!
And not in Africa!
I will tell you why:
Take the case of my cousin who was in England and met the head of the Ugandan Aviation Administration
She sent him to me where he spent a Shabbat in my home in Brooklyn.
Afterwards he told me he was amazed by the respect my little children showed him.
He said in England children were afraid of him because he was Black.
As it turned out - he was born into a Ugandan tribe that practices a form of Judaism!
My cousin was probably about 102 when she passed away yesterday (Wednesday)
She had many merits but most people don't know this story how she brought Black Africans closer to respecting the Jewish people!
Read the below blurb - also from Wednesday - on the Church of England, from Honest Reporting
More important - fast Sunday and ALSO celebrate (Sunday Night) -
because Tisha Bav represents the destruction of our Jerusalem Temple-
but NOT the destruction of the Jewish energy respect and dedication to 
(including - trying to fix the hatred,
and remind the world about how crazy regimes are worse than "climate change",
because they can lead to IMMEDIATE holocausts and nuclear war)
So why not apologize for bother stuff besides the below:

After 800 years, the Church of England has announced that it will formally apologize for adopting antisemitic laws that directly led to the expulsion of British Jews in 1290.

“The phrase ‘better late than never’ is truly appropriate here,” said Dave Rich, the policy director of a British antisemitism watchdog group, adding: “The historic trauma of medieval English antisemitism can never be erased and its legacy survives today — for example, through the persistence of the ‘blood libel’ allegation that was invented in this country.”

This is one of multiple steps taken by the Church of England to improve relations with British Jews in the past few years. In 2019, it emphasized the value of the Christian-Jewish relationship, recognizing that centuries of Christian antisemitism in Europe paved the way for the Holocaust.

The formal “act of repentance” is set to take place in 2022 on the 800th anniversary of the Synod of Oxford, an array of laws that restricted Jewish rights in England and required them to wear a “badge of shame.”
What about giving weapons and leaders to help Arabs conquer and murder Jews in Israel - 1929-1949?
May this be the last Tisha Bav we need to fast TO WAKE UP THE WORLD!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz