Portion Nitzavim Vayelech pre RoshHashono

 Portion Nitzavim Vayelech pre RoshHashono 
This week we have another double portion-
Helping this Shabbat in getting us to the end of the old year  ,
And the beginning of a new one.
What can we take away from the last year - different from previous years?
Nitzavim means standing and looking:
Looking Down or Back?
 Vayelech means Going-
Going Straight? Or getting lost?
How can we uses these ideas as tools? Everyone has their focus.
Is our focus on starting he Head of the Year Rosh Hashono  - with a new frame of reference?
Isnt it easier just to do same old same old? -
It's never too late to learn new ways
How do we look down or look Back - and then go on? 
Hopefully with a new perspective!
We all want to live "better ... and longer..."
Learning new concepts whenever we can - helps.
Here is one from the portion: 
We are all in this together. And it's good to help one another.
And here is 1 from the Rosh Hashono Traditions...
Which we can translate into life lessons - that we can share 
To good advantage?
Blowing shofar is a tradition - and a G-dly Commandment
The sounds penetrate Time and Space.
So should following all our traditions - and Commandments.
Extra doesn't mean better.
With the shofar we blast a few different notes-
 to cover all possible meanings from the Torah Words ordaining the Shofar Blasts
to start the year!
Call to renewing - the Traditions and commandments - in our lives.
Many blessings
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz