Portion Ru Aiy - Legitimate or Not?

Portion Ru Aiy - Legitimate or Not?

The portion speaks of the choices the Israelites - and we - are enjoined t make
about our connections

Right now my computer is giving me some hassles with its connections - so I will keep this brief

Some of this is based on the Talmud Class this 5AM of Rabbi B. Miletzky - the rest is from me

King David had to deal with his detractors most of his life
Doeg Haedomi was one (Doeg means "you better worry" in Hebrew)
Who pushed in public to de-legitimize David who had plenty of other worries from King Saul etc
Eventually David's public image was saved by proving in public

That Samuel the Prophet had validated David's lineage and made him fit -the
noting that David's lineage from Ruth was acceptable since the Time and Laws of Moses
Today international conspiracy to de legitimize Israel is an easy way for
Anti Semites to attack the Jewish people - and allow physical attacks - just
as most Arab nations and people would like Israel to disappear

Their despotic rulers want that so they can control nations and steal the wealth of the people-
rather than letting Israel help their people

And the populations who listen to religious leadership afraid of the Faith of Abraham want that -
probably not knowing the truth that Israel and Jews help millions around the world -
because the Jewish Way does not recognize or allow brutality or abusing the masses for the sake of the few

So don't be afraid to fight the Anti Semitism
Just be clear in public and on social media and in your own mind

That same way as above -
that Judaism since Moses' time and laws - are a major factor for truth and kindness in the world
Shabat Shalom and Health and Blessings

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz