Portion Vaeshev - What came first - Shabbos or Chanuka?

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The Holy Masters teach us that certain things were created before the world as we know it was created by the Almighty (see Pirkei Avot).

 In reading this portion on might think that foolish dreams and jealousy and anger - and guilt? Came first...

Or maybe a LITTLE LOVE of some brothers ...? Who tried to save Joseph from the above ...


Anyone who reads the Torah must see that certain energies existed before the Torah was given

See how Cain was able to ask a little forgiveness (but not to completely do TESHUVA - repent ) from his heinous crime – who taught him that? Where did that COME FROM?

And Noah was a Tzadik it says – truly righteous – amidst a degenerate generation – WHERE DID THAT SPIRITUAL STRENGTH COME FROM?

And we see from the recent portions the POWER OF ABRAHAM – to see through the idol worship around him – and strongly believe in G-d until G-D appeared and started to BELIEVE in ABRAHAM and in his childrens' power –to until today preach and teach the way of righteousness  and holiness and morality and fealty to the Almighty and the holy teachings …

We are taught that Moses received all the Laws of Shabbos before Mount Sinai and the Torah.Was that

So was that from the time of Abraham?  from Noah?

Or from Adam and Eve and Cain Abel and … from before the creation of the world?

Is Shabbos and Peace and Holiness in our DNA – but just ignored by the world?

And where did the Maccabee power to resist the perversion of Greece (and Rome) come from?

Was it not in our DNA and part of the power of Abraham – and Noah – and in the creation of Adam and Eve when the Almighty decided there must be humanity in the universe? 

What else is there that is so engrained in the human soul – that fights greed and meanness of spirit and evil – than the Power of Chanukah and the dedication of the Maccabees?

So where in the scriptures do we see that?

And where in this portion do we see the ENERGY of Joseph – despised by his brothers – become King in Egypt because of his  humanity (saving the known world- see next 2 portions) 


Well – we really have no source to rely on that Chanuka dedication came before Shabbos Peace  – but the Rule of the Torah is :

that we LIGHT the (extra long)  CHANUKA CANDLES NEXT WEEK before the Shabbat Candles (which we should do always).!!!So for  

This coming week we should read the Torah and light the candles and sing (and dance?) the songs (read the Book of Maccabees?) and  TRY TO ADD A LITTLE LIGHT IN THE WORLD AROUND US

And thank the Almighty for a few minutes a day for the Power of Shabbos and the Power of Chanuka and the History of Israelite Holy Wisdom and Faithfulness and Sharing and…

Gutt Shabbos and

Freilichen (joyous) Chanukah to the world

Shabba Shalom from Israel

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz