Portion of Pinchas- Who was that Masked Man?

Portion of Pinchas- Who was that Masked Man?

We see from Moses that we are all prisoners of inaction at times.
When the Moabite women lured even a President of a Tribe
to desert the camp blessed even by our enemies (Bilam the wicked wizzard - see last week) 
Moses did NOTHING -
but his GREAT nephew Pinchas
and acted -
and it was enough to stop a plague - and earn Pinchas' family the high priesthood
(for most of history).
How can we defeat fear and indecisiveness? Because we MUST in order to survive.

We were given commandments to MAKE IT THROUGH THE YEAR - no matter what -

holidays and rituals and commandments to love one another -

and in this portion - Moses was told even to start to

"count the potential soldiers who may have to go to war to fulfill G-d's vision" (to enter Israel).

We fix the world by tuning in to the Torah way of life - following the Almighty's commandments -
and thus
taking steps to overcome the difficulties the challenges and the twists and turns of fate that confront us.

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz