Portion Pinchas - who counts after catastrophes? The Daughters?

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After 40 years of wandering and worrying - and after all the "elders" had passed on.
The Almighty has Moshe and Eliezer COUNT THE TROOPS - but NOT the WOMEN-
so who "counts"?
Actually not all the elder women passed on in the desert - it was the men who were always 
complaining and causing trouble ... maybe for good reasons - but in a bad way,
and the Almighty had "enough with them" after the spies complained about Israel
Okay - was their survival the only blessing the women received?
So in the portion
right between the "counting of the troops"
and the "ordering of the Holiday sacrifices - the Korbanote" at the end of the portion
5 women speak up AND The Almighty CHANGES JEWISH LAW FOREVER!
the daughters of Zelafchad ask for portions in the Land of Israel
and the Almighty tells Moshe - they are correct - and should inherit
Okay - and what's that to us today?
The women speaking up in the middle of Moses  teaching Laws of Inheritances
can show us it's never too late to turn your life around - as per a
Torah thought from Rebbe Nachman of Breslav
As extended by my perhaps limited understanding (AE)
So those entering the Land of Israel become A
Different Generation - and even if  for 40 years not everything went smoothly -
EVEN THE MEN got it right - and worked together with Joshua for 14 years
to deal with the local inhabitants -until Israel was firmly settled - 3000 years ago
(based on section 31 of  likutay moharan)
Shabat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz