Portion BeRay Sheet - point curve and Deflect

 Portion BeRay Sheet - point curve and Deflect
(Inspired by Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neriya
And Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach)
Tell me please - 
Does this week's title sound like battle plans in the Ukraine War?
Or a fencing lesson?
So the portion starts
Everything was CHAOS
and then the Almighty said
"Let there be light".
If you were the Almighty, thinking 
millions would read "The Book - the Bible" -
how would YOU re-write the Creation Story of this Portion?
Not start with LIGHT?
Would you try to re-create this  CRAZY world of ours
(Or only Russia)?
Would you be
Thinking of whats important for the survival of the world past 2022?
Eliminate plastic bags?
Make every car "a Tesla"?
Give everyone a garden to grow their own food?
And - What did Adam worry about? (the "first thinking human")
In a Hidden Medrash Parable it says "Adam Saw 2 not 3 - and so he sinned."
He just saw himself and Eve.
So what?
One explanation was "he did not know he would have to invite guests". Invite  
NOAH had guests - all the Animals -
But Adam was limiting his view of The Creation.
But getting back to:
Imagine if everyone drove their autos with their eyes closed! CHAOS!
So the Almighty creates double yellow lines, and self driving cars. 
And the whole world is ALL straight lines.
And traffic rules.
Mercifully, so that right tutns are possible.
On a Simple mathematical-personal level,
Straight is okay.
But Rabbi Neria tries to explain 
how to look at Creation and respect the Almighty's perspective -
He created curves
Since we are ALL
Like bumper car drivers!
The Almighty created our world
Embued with curves
Those skills and armor to deflect conflict.
Shabbat Shalom - and Health and Blessings to All
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
תשובהתשובה לכולםהעברה