Portion Noah in the Times of Corona -Klal and Prot for the Whole World - What's That?

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Klal means "in General" and Prot means "for the Individual"
Portion Noah is A Message for Today direct from the Almighty!
I just raised today's question "what's that" with one of my kids - asking
Why is the portion called Noah  -
and the First Portion - BeraySheet is NOT called "Portion Adam and Eve"?
And the next one is NOT  called Portion Abraham
And the last one is NOT called Portion Moses?
I just got an email from an intermarried couple - Jewish mother with a question
(and the father is a great guy I really like)
but I haven't heard from them in a while.
BuraySheet is to teach the Whole World - the KLAL -
and the Jews must Teach That -
that it must get
Closer to the Almighty to defeat the anti-G-d murderous virus!
By Holding and communicating with each other more closely
And Noah is to teach the world - YES EVERYONE - that
the Jews must Teach - That Each Individual (the Prot)
must get in there -And dance around the Almighty -
And follow - Torah and Mitzvos
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz