Portion BalaK Whsr kind of war do you want?

Portion BalaK Whsr kind of war do you want?
I am amazed almost every day by
How the daily Talmud I study is Right on the Money!
Even if I am usually a bit sleepy at the start of the 5 AM class.
My friend Zev an Israeli woundèd veteran I have studied with  reminded me that in Talmid Bèrachot the prophets  quote G-d saying
"If I got angry I would unleash my anger on all the anrti semites" (but G -d does mot get angry).
So ... We all have to  learn about evil Bilams and  Balaks ... to trust that the Almighty helps us to fight the Good Fight.
And when I study a bit of the ZohAR , how prophetic it all is!
The end of this week's Zohar especially talks about a time of death in Italy .!
In..."Rome". .. a Corona ...(crown ... as in the Ceasers time ... they who  destroyed our Holy Temple ) will die!  Snd... so a "corona came back to attack and destroy them.   May they all repent ... after what the Church let happen too during the holocausr!
And the Zohar in the portion predicts a war between
"THE Left versus the Right" - oh no! What is happening now in America - such hatred ... and it has stirred up ... over the many yeats of inequality ... but what underlies all this?
Is it All for the Messianic Era to fix Miraculously?
The Zohar on the portion thinks so!
The Talmud explains that Balak and Bilam were simply using theor gift of Holy Power for Evil Purposes.
And the Zohar starts off  the portion of this week by claiming it is evil use of wusdom by " bad rulers ... in galil in gaza and in moab - jordan today - that causes trouble.
But in the potrtion the tables are turned around 
Moab and Midian cannot make war against Israel
And the evil Bilam is forced to bless Israel
MahTovu ohalecha Yakov
Bilams evil spell gets turned on him
but in 
The tents Jaacob all will be safe
Let us pray that the world will soon come to pray in the 
Great Tent of Jacob
The Holy Temple in Jerusalem.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz