Portion VaEtCHaNan:What, the 10 Co mmandments again ? (and Tu B'Av)

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What? You say you know all that stuff from before?
and WHY does the Torah repeat these commandments here?
I don't know how many readers can recite the Ten Commanments by heart,
I don't know how many can recite the SCRIPT of the MOVIE (10 Commandments) either
I bet you never heard THIS teaching before
(From Rav Neria) that when it talks about NOT Murdering - What About Accidental Homicide?
The punishment ordered is the perpetrator must be exiled to one of the
Levite cities in Israel set asidefor the "Golus" (exile)
And Rav Neria brings down the Medrash that says
(Exile not being enough) the Courts MUST send this person's TEACHER/RABBI
along into EXILE WITH HIM (until the proscribed time to go home)
and the Rebbe MUST TEACH the VALUE of LIFE etc
Okay - the Shma is also in this portion - Okay - it's the basic Statement of Faith
So what with all these 613 Mitzvot AND Rabbi Additions?
The Rambam  (Maimonides) cites  verses  to support his argument and says
“The truth is, that every one of the 613 mitzvot is meant to either teach (5 ideas) a true idea, remove a false idea, create a just society, train people in good manners (middot), or to keep people away from bad habits.” 
(Moreh Nevuchim Part 3, 31 - quoted from Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo))
So never worry about repeating a Torah Law - because 
More than the Rambam's explanation -
you can find ALL those (5) reasons in most of the Commandments
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz