One More Time in Exile - Portion Emor - but Behar is the portion in Israel about a Nation of Priests and Nation of Mountains

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So how does the portion of the Torah bring out Amazing and Magnificent from New Yorkers?
In Portion Emor:
The priests are told to stay away from "TUMA" - spiritual defilement.
TUMA could be described as "a withdrawal" from life (especially because it is related to dead people or things)
So what is LIFE anyway?  A breath? A wonderful (Amazing) moment?
And why did the Rabbis decree that "outside Israel the land itself is a defilement?"
The Portion Behar:
It says "proclaim liberty throughout the land ..." HEY THAT'S on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia!
It teaches about liberation and sanctity of the land of Israel
Think about sanctity - and what Judaism and Jews are standing for in the world.
Now coming back from Washington DC a couple of days ago some guys were standing behind me saying
"we hate Israelis ...  they kill Palestinian kids" (A STUPID LIE)
Now look at this news report yesterday from the Philadelphia of the Liberty Bell:
The Muslim groups responsible for an event featuring children singing about “chopping off heads” claimed participants’ “command of Arabic [was] not advanced” enough to understand the words.
By World Israel News and AP
Muslim leaders in Philadelphia apologized Wednesday for an event last month ...
so was that a lame excuse or what?  AND which is more important -
 teaching the sanctity of the land and the purity of LIFE -
or teaching children to be violent and hateful?
Israel  sends doctors to Africa
Israeli medical teams built  a field hospital  in Haiti 
THE Only safe place for Arab kids to  grow  up is in Israel...  
So love G d and love  Israel  for loving you  and the whole world 
The Gift of Israel from the Almighty is "magnificent ... Amazing  ... and HOLY!!!
Does America get it???
Love...  from New York
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz