Welcome to the home of the believer women praying in the western wall

Okay, so what do you want?

We just want to pray peacefully and without interruption and without harmful services that hurt the believers and violate the holiness of this center holy place of all our nation.

Will Your Grandchildren be Jews: Updated

Will Your Grandchildren be Jews: Updated

Millions of women players have also what to say...

Please listen our voice!

For two thousand years, we were scattered throughout the world.
From north to south, all over the world, the seeds of our holy nation grew.
And in every country, on every continent, and in every city or village, we all had one incredible hope:
to come back to our holy land, to return to the holy city of Jerusalem, to see the holy Temple built,
and to see Cohanim at their holy work and Levi’im in their song.
Keep the spirit of our holy nation: Keep the hope of the third temple. Keep our holy prayers..... Don't forget our holy hope!

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Keeping Our holy aspirations

For two thousand years we have been coming to the remnants of our holy place, praying for the promised redemption. This Holy place that was not in our hands: in great miracles we returned to it, and now we can all come to this Holy place, embrace the ancient stones, the remnant of the Temple, and ask in tears for redemption.