A letter from Rebezen Koldezki תחי'

A letter from Rebezen Koldezki תחי' 

Precious Women and Girls 

Proven Segula in the name of Rav Shteinman שליט"א for all Yeshuos 

Daven Mincha on Friday before lighting candles. Be מקבל שבת 10 minutes before candle lighting time listed on calendar. Woman are מקבל שבת by lighting candles. Girls should verbalize הריני מקבלת עלי תוספת שבת קודש. 

Those 10 minutes are a great עת רצון for various reasons: 

1. Because the time of קבלת שבת is an עת רצון. 
2. Because when you are מקבל שבת early, it is considered as if you were bringing a קרבן. And when one brings a קרבן it is an עת רצון ומחילת עוונות. 
3. All women and girls who מקבל שבת early are מכפר for those that light candles at the last minute, and in that זכות get the שכר of all those. 

Therefore, these 10 minutes should be used to Daven and ask of Hashem. And it is promised that בעז"ה all your prayers will be answered. 

Additionally, one should learn one Halacha of Hilchos Shabbos in Shulchan Shabbos. 

One is required to have his Mezuzos checked every 3 1/2 years. 

In the name of Rav Kanievsky שליט"א 

Every woman and girl should Daven 3 תפילות a day: 

שחרית approximately 25 minutes, מנחה 5 minutes, and מערב 7 minutes.
Additionally, if one does not succeed in having the proper כוונה during the entire תפילה, reading from a Siddur counts for 50% of the כוונה. 

The difference between children of a mother who Davens, versus a mother who does not is Heaven and Earth. Children of a mother who Davens have more יראת שמיים, better מידות, fewer נסיונות, and grasp their Learning better. 

The most valuable investments in our generation are the תפילות of a mother. 

A mother who rises early to Daven before she leaves for work is promised that the time will not be taken away from her sleep time. If she has young children, she will have fewer worries from them and the quality of her sleep will be better. 

יהי רצון that in the זכות of Shabbos that is the מקור הברכה' and in the זכות of the תפילות of נשים ובנות צדקניות all will be זוכה to find their זווג הגון בקרוב, to have הצלחה, בריאות, פרנסה, נחת, זרע קודש בריאים ושלמים, שיתמלאו כל משאלות לבכם לטובה 

בברכה והצלחה ובאהבה ל. קולדצקי