Portion VaYeChee - How to Give Blessings

Portion VaYeChee - How to Give Blessings
Rabbi Carlebach taught his listeners how to give blessings - and said that is the only thing that "works" in this world.
So this week we read the Portion of the week of Jacob giving Blessings for all his family and for eternity (all time) and for ALL THE WORLD -
SOOO let me start
by blessing all my family and friends and students and congregants,
all the people of Israel and of all the world - to be healthy and happy and to ADD TO THE GOODNESS OF THE WORLD.
But are Blessings just a bunch of words - or hard work - or patience - or sometimes a struggle?
As a connection to Jabob's Blessings :This week we can learn so much about the Almighty and the Torah by hearing stories from the Yahrzeit's (this week)  of great Hassidic Masters of the past , like
Rabbi Natan of Breslav, who wrote down the notes and published the work and teachings of Rebbe Nachman ( and you can see some of these as explained by Rabbi Yaskil, peppered throughout my book
"Seeking Reb Shlomo"). 
He wrote in the introduction to the Second printing of Likutay Mohara"N (Rebbe Nachman's Magnum Opus):
"The first printing had errors - even blank spaces which confuse the reader - and some of the typeset is corrupted- so I had to make the corrections ..."
What's the big deal? He was the editor, so of course he would make the corrections!? But at the time, 
He was writing his own works, 
yet he felt obligated NOT to give Rebbe Nachman's book to someone else to correct - but to guarantee it himself.
In this Portion, Jacob, Joseph, and the children - all accept the tasks -
Of making the Israelite Nation a spiritual light to the world FOREVER.
Joseph - who ran the country of Egypt, he had time? And
The other brothers who worked together to protect and build "ISRAEL" -
they were all "busy" - but they worked together to fulfill the
challenge of the task and blessing of Israel/Jacob.
And it was  also the Yahrzeit of Mordechai Yosef of Ishbitz (Ishbitzer)
And here's a litle anecdote about him:
A Former student of his, beset by misfortune, went to his NEW Rebbe,
who said "go back to the Rebbe Mordechai Yosef", which he did
After Explaining all his Misfortunes, that Ishbitzer Rebbe (a believer in TRUTH -
only truth and nothing but ...) asked
"If I give you a blessing to get over all the financial woes, will you come back to be a follower at my Hassidic Court?"
But the Hassid said he wouldn't come back, and wouldn't falsify anything.
BUT THE ISHBITZER REBBE blessed him anyway - 
and the man again succeeded in many ways greater than before.
Did he get the blessing despite his refusal to return -or because of it?
Because of his truthfulness - or because the Rebbe valued his honesty?
And it was just the Yahrzeit of the Sanz-Klausenberger Rebbe
(read about him in Chapter 16 in my book..."Seeking Reb Shlomo").
Somehow he kept with him a tiny set of Tefilin even in Aushwitz ... 
until some SS guards found them ...., 
For which he was soundly Beaten...
Though he always kept a cheery countenance, the others in his bunk saw him cry, and talk as if to the Almighty saying
"I accept whatever you have sent me, 
but I cannot  accept that I am prevented from performing your Commandments"
The next day an SS officer came to that bunk, and asked "are these yours"?
"Yes" said the Rebbe, not sure if he would be in for another beating, but totally truthful.
The officer gave them back to him! And then
He said "just dont let anyone else use them"!
(To all those Corrections Officers out there - did you 
 ever  do a search and find contraband? What did you do or have to do?
See in my work - in -  progress,  probably to be titled 
"Thank You Sol Wachtler")
Power of: Dedication
Connection with the Almighty
All these were our blessings from our forefather Jacob -
in his BLESSINGS to ALL his children-
To help us ALL through our people's long and lonely exiles, and 
As we see from some of our great spiritual masters, that it
Doesnt matter what they did or didn't do - for us - we can only bless each other - and work to try to connect to holiness and truth of the Almighty
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz