Portion VaYay Lech - Joshua takes over ... and With Yizkor coming up ...

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Changes in life - and the antidote-
In the portion Moses blesses JOSHUA in passing him the baton ...before leaving this world.
SO - Did Moses' kids say Yizkor for their Dad? And for all those that died in the 40 years in the desert?
But here the portion takes on another direction - 
Getting the people together - as a jump start to "moving on"- and Moving into Israel
it's the Mitzvah called Hakhel (the King would read the Torah in the Temple every 7 years)-
 where for TODAY the Lubavitcher said - we must set up groups to study together - read Torah - and call it HAKHEL - 
(because the desert years are NOT a paradigm for the Jews
 (as it IS for the children
 of Ishmael who to this day are a desert people -BUT they received a gift of OIL... - 
so was that to reward Abraham their forbear?)
MOVE AHEAD - AND AS  Reb Shlomo CARLEBACH SAID FOR this next holiday
Yom Kippur we ask G-d to forgive us for not going "through the (spiritual) gates".
(At the time of) Neila, G-d tells us, “Nvo’a sharekha” Come inside, 
Stop standing at the gates asking for forgiveness. Come Inside” (close to the Almighty)
based on an article from AISH - in memory of Rabbi Packouz    Kalman Moshe ben Reuven Avigdor
 problematic about Yom Kippur: how can anyone honestly come back year after year and say the exact same words, asking God for forgiveness for the same sins time and time again? At what point is it no longer believable?
The problem is rooted in trying to change their behavior – 
when they really should have been focused on trying to change their perception of themselves!
Our mission on Yom Kippur is to explore who we really want to be and commit to being that type of person. 
That is, once we define what we want our essence to be then we can naturally align our behavior to meet that new reality.

This is exactly what repentance is supposed to accomplish. 

Because Yom Kippur is the day when we search for who we are and commit to living a life that follows our self-definition,
Ultimately, when the work of Yom Kippur is done correctly, it leads one to self-fulfillment. This is why the Talmud describes it as one of the most festive days on the Jewish calendar. Reconnecting with who you truly are leads one to incredible self-satisfaction and a sublime sense of joy.