Portion Beha'alotcha - - Of Watermelon Garlic and Onion

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It starts eloquently,
 with directing Aron the High Priest
In lighting the Lamp of the Tabernacle in the desert ...
 and in all subsequent Great Temples
So let me ask ...
How is it that we often start out in life so eloquently,
 in search of
A little meaning to life and a little light,
And then our lìves become a search for mere
Portions of vegetables and meat?
As in this week's Portion 
Where the goal of the freed people going to Canaan
To a Lowest Common Denominator,
Demands for food the Israelites and the converts remembered they had in Egypt!
But Thankfully
 in the middle of the portion
 the Almighty teaches us how to
Journey in the Desert
With the verses we use in prayer
Opening the Ark we sing
Vayehi Binsoa HaAron - "And when the Ark (with the 10 Commandments) journeyed...
(as we journey through life)
And Rabbi Shlomo   Carlebach  ...  who with song and story ...
Showed and Taught how to be
Opening our hearts to  sing -  as King David Wrote 3000 years ago
Real Peace for our brothers and friends - (not for the violent attackers who really have a lot to learn)!
Shabbat Shalom  and Health and Success  and Joy

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Writing at dawn from the beautiful Judean Mountains outside of Jerusalem