Portion Vayishlach - A LITTLE evil anyone?

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What do this portion and Chanuka have in common? STAY AWAY even from a little evil -

Jacob sends gifts to his brother Esau hoping to calm down the guy who is after him with armed escort

And it works and Esau (the Epitamy of Evil) says
We can accompany you on the trip back to Dad and Mom - and still STAY FRIENDS
How bad can that be?

But Jacob says no thanks

In a nutshell that was the Syrian Greeks in the Chanuka story 
The Syrian Greeks wanted to be "friends" with the Judeans – because they were always at war with the Egyptian Greeks and wanted allies. And to suck the Jews into their wars!
A hundred years the Syrians and the Egyptians fought back and forth and finally the Syrian Greeks who paid for schools and sports and all sorts of things in Israel won– and many of the Judeans fell for it!
Friends and allies? NO! Not friends and not allies –But the Evil of culture Controls.
The Syrians outlawed SHABBOs and a lot of Jewish things – and it took the Maccabees many years to restore the Jewishness of Judea!
Esau wanted to accompany Jacob's cool kids – and get them to be part of the Esau Gang.
Jacob was wise and watched over the kids – well most of the kids most of the time – after all there were a LOT of kids …
These few portions which show the goofs are a MESSAGE to the JEWS forever –
Watch and teach the children well and forever the Almighty will protect you eternity – and celebrate the Chanuka – the re-birth of Jewish  Freedom from Greek Syrian tyranny
Live and Learn from the trials and tribulations of Jacob and the Family of Israel.
Buy gifts from ISRAEL!
Visit with family and the congregation – sing a little – dance a lot – and make your Shabbat a Beautiful One!
Shabbat  Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz