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Home Shabbat Parashat Hashavua Portion VAYIGASH Kever Yosef - my brother's tomb - is Burning

Portion VAYIGASH Kever Yosef - my brother's tomb - is Burning

Portion VAYIGASH   Kever Yosef - my brother's tomb - is Burning 

Because of my brothers and friends 
because of my sisters  and friends ...

Peace to you!

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach sang that because he recognized everyone as his brothers and sisters and friends!

I was once where he gave a concert to Lodz Poland and there were about 1000 people in the Opera House there. They all got up and danced with him - about 200 Jews - and 800 supporters - EXCEPT TWO!

I am sure they were the spies that the communist government sent everywhere to watch us!
(The tour leader was better - he loved us because he changed money for us - 3000 zlotys to the dollar instead of the banks who gave us 600!)

Bnei avraham yitzchaq v yaakov Bnei
Saera rivka rachel v leah - the children of our forefathers and foremothers
as the current hit Israeli song goes

So why the conflict with his brothers still happening 20 years after Joseph is down in Egypt 
and a few years after becoming viceroy - second to the king!

Yosef and his brothers did not make up for 20 years! Why?

And the Arabs 70 years after Jerusalem becomes the capital of the reborn state of Israel?

This last week they were still burning tires and throwing stones
to try to keep the Israelis who want to pray at Joseph's tomb away!

What is their problem with Jerusalem and with Joseph's tomb?

Ressler in his weekly Torah blog says:

"To this day We (ALL HUMANITY too)
 can learn SO much from  Yosef today,
 if we could just memorize and adapt one line (he - Joseph -said) into our lives
  "it wasn't you that sent me here; it was G-d"

(thus) - we'd all be closer to   all our "brothers",and the world!
The truth is the locals are destroying Herod's palace in Jericho to remove any proof that the Jews lived there 600 or more years before Mohammed was born!

No one prays at Herod's palaces or tomb!

Rabbi Carlebach said:

( via yeshivat simchat shlomo)
now it's very clear why when Moshe Rabbeinu went out from Egypt he took the coffin of Yosef with him. 
... Moshe Rabbeinu wanted Mount Sinai to be on the level
 that the words should shine into us, 
how can you go without Yosef? 
Yosef (Joseph) , this is the expert, Yosef is the man. Yosef Hatzadik is the man. 

The holiness of Yosef is that it (the Torah) shines into him."

Even when his brothers come down to Egypt 20 years after they didn't even send him a postcard! Or a birthday present!

Rabbi Carlebach again : "
 You know how deep this is? ...
 What does it mean that we learn something and it's mamesh the foundation of our life?
 It means it reached me to the deepest depths of my being. It reached mamesh the deepest depths of my being, it's my foundation. Can't move from it, right?"

Joseph really believed everything was from the Almighty - and he felt he had to shine that realization into his brothers.

And that's what we see in this week's portion.

Keep that Chanuka Light shining from you all!

Love from Israel

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz


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