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Home Shabbat Parashat Hashavua Portion Tzav ...a conversation with Moses

Portion Tzav ...a conversation with Moses

Portion Tzav ...a conversation with Moses

So Moses, what did you eat at the seder?

Well, the Almighty said we should have a roast, and everything the Almighty says works out well.

And what did you discuss at the table?

Well, we wanted to be prepared for the greatest event in history, our leaving Egypt, so we talked about our holy fathers and mothers starting from the trials of Abraham and Sarah right down to my own fights with Pharoah until the very moment ...

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebah always said - the Seder Night is the time to get above crass comments and just
the Exodus from Egypt
the end to enduring tyranny
the beginning of a NATION that is CLOSE TO G-dliness

and he taught

Almighty wants "forever" from us and for us - not to be stuck in the old ways of the political correct but to

Speak words of holiness, and reach out to family - and you will feel the holiness forever
And about the portion of Tzav this shabbat ...

Really think now - to whom did Mosesspeak those forty years?

And Who does President Trump speak with

And Netanyahu ?

And what will YOU discus with family and friends this Shabbat  -and at he Seder Table?

I was having breakfast in a restaurant a couple of years ago and the peaople at the table said 

Over there is Netanyahu having breakfast with some guy!

One of my friends went over and said hello and Netanyahu smiled and said hello and went on
talking with his friend

In our portion Almighty says to Moses to talk to Aron and his sons about  How to Run the Temple

Board meetings are great but the Temple functions with tons of work not everyone sees

OK it also says that Moses and the Almighty spoke face to face-  about a lot of TORAH stuff

But was it a relationship?

At he end of this portion it is clear how DEAR Moses was to the Almighty -

after being appointed High Priest for a Week as the
Tabernacle was getting under way

I AM SURE there were a lot of people telling Moses "You are setting it up the wrong way"

and the same about your Passover seder... and how to run the Temple

The important thing is to - have a fun and HOLY seder - worthy of 
a conversation "and how was the seder"
and maybe having Elijah the Prophet drop in for a sip...

And let it be a Holy Tool for Getting us Each out of our own little Egypts

Love and Blesings and Prayers for a
safe happy kosher Pasover


Rabbi Andy Eichenholz


בבקשה להתפלל לרפואת: רינה בת עליזה פרומה לרפואה שלמה, נחום אלימלך בן זהבה רבקה, נועה בת לאה לרפואה שלמה, אשר ורפאל בני שמחה לרפואה שלמה, זאב בן ורדה לרפואה שלמה, יהודית בת מיסה לרפואה שלמה, שולמית בת מיסה לרפואה שלמה, שלמה בן רבקה לרפואה שלמה, משה בן כמונה לרפואה שלמה, נתנאל אילן בן שיינא ציפורה, תמר בת אורית לאה, אשר ורפאל בני שמחה, שרה צפורה בת רינה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל. בבקשה להתפלל לזרע בר קיימא בקרוב לנופית הודיה בת רחל ודויד שלמה בן שושנה ולזרע בר קימא בקרוב למירב המזל בת גאולה ונועם בן לאה וחזרה בתשובה לעידן בן שולמית ושי שלומי בן שולמית ולבשורות טובות ישועות ונחמות לכל עם ישראל

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