if "Noah Walked with G-d" - What does that mean for YOU today‏


Here's some Shabbos wisdom based on Rabbi David Aron from Isralight and
from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

The Kabbalah teaches that G-d wants to give us the greatest pleasure—

His presence in our lives; to feel connected to Him.

(thus we are ALWAYS connected to a HIGH BEING and should never let feelings of being lonely harm us)

(in the Torah) Loving G-d is...synonymous with loving life.

The more connected we feel to G-d the more alive we feel.

We (can) feel G-d’s presence when we realize that our willpower, wisdom, insights and love are really not ours but His and experience ourselves as ... serving to channel His (superior) powers

Rabbi Shlomo says:

(Think of walking with your closest friend.)

(just) like with your close friend
when you say goodbye 
you turn around (and) he is walking behind you,
saying, 'Don't leave yet. Come back for another minute."

(SO TO we need to know)
when G_d walks behind me.

What does it mean that G-d walks behind me?
It means that I look back and see that whatever I learnt is even deeper then I thought 
so I walk back and want learn it all over again.

This was the level of Noach a Zadik Tomim (perfetly Holy person)

thank you Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
Thank you Rabbi David Aron

love and shabbos

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz